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Scandinavian Design – The Minimal Bathroom Renovation Design

At Matrix bathrooms we love the minimal design philosophy from Scandinavia.
It is truly the modern aesthetic, with clean lines and gives the feeling of architectural confidence. Leaving bathrooms and kitchens with what is only truly essential.

The Scandinavian designs are all about simplicity over complexity; baths, basins and mixers defined by precise angles and encompass the philosophy of less is more. Understated elegance, which is perfect for a bathroom, it makes the bathroom renovation timeless and you will enjoy it for years on end.

Follow these easy tips to create a Scandinavian inspired bathroom:
Light coloured timber

There is nothing more Scandinavian design as much as light coloured timber, so consider doing a custom made vanity unit, so you get the exact timber look you like. These days you can also get wood-look tiles for your bathroom floor. They are laid and waterproofed by the tiler and therefore are exactly like normal tiles, but look like beautiful timber panels even down to the grain of the wood.

Abundance of light

Scandinavian styled bathrooms are known to be light and have an airy feel to them supported by clean lines. White on white looks beautiful, and a good tip is to introduce some contrast by considering black or copper tap ware or even metallic pendant lights. These pair up nicely with the timber. Another tip to increase the light of your bathroom, if you can’t have a window in your bathroom, is to introduce a skylight, they bring an abundance of light.

Minimalism through Concealed Floor Wastes, Drains and flush details

There is great options these days for floor waists and drains, we prefer them to be concealed through tiling, to keep with the minimalist look consistent.

You can also choose to use flush buttons in order to keep true to the Scandinavian minimalist sophistication in your bathroom. There are lots of customisable flush plates available to get the look you want to fuse seamlessly into your Scandinavian inspired bathroom.

Finishing touch – Bring greenery and flowers into your bathroom

Green plants and fresh flowers offer an instant and easy way to add a Scandinavian styled spruce in bathrooms and kitchens. For example a luscious leafy green, like a potted fig plant or succulents or if you prefer flowers; some long-lasting lilys on the vanity unit, shelf or window will not only look great; but also add vibrancy into the bathroom.

If you like the Scandinavian style as much as we do at Matrix Bathrooms, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask us how we can bring the design to life on your bathroom and kitchen. We are always available on our mobile 0412 046 156 or ask us for a free non-obligation quote at