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Designing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen for your Melbourne Home Renovation

‘Going green’ is no longer a trend or buzzword, it’s quickly becoming a lifestyle and homeowners across Melbourne are finding ways to create a cleaner environment by making sustainable choices when it comes to renovating their kitchens. 

If you’re planning a Melbourne kitchen renovation, you might like to consider what eco-friendly solutions you can choose to lower your carbon footprint, ensure self-sufficiency or even save money on your electricity and other utilities. 

Read on to learn more about how Matrix Renovations can help you achieve the sustainable kitchen of your dreams and the benefits a responsibly sustainable kitchen can provide your family and your home.

What is a sustainable kitchen?

‘Going green’ covers a range of priorities and ideas, and you can go as far as you want when it comes to turning your kitchen into a sustainable haven. Typically, green kitchens are suitable for purpose and designed to be low emission, long lasting, timeless and most importantly made using environmentally responsible materials.

The benefits of an eco-kitchen renovation

One of Australia’s most anticipated kitchen trends of 2022 will undoubtedly be greener kitchens, and it comes at no surprise considering all the benefits!

Green kitchens can actually be better for your health and of course, the environment. Many materials used to build new, non-sustainable kitchens, such as MDF or chipboards, contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Once installed, they can release off-gas VOCs which are known to be harmful to human health. If your kitchen has good bones, instead of demo-ing the whole room, think strategically on how you can reuse and recycle what you already have. 

When undergoing your kitchen renovation, you may also have the opportunity to address ventilation issues which can result in moisture penetrating your home, causing serious structural issues. 

How to go green with your Melbourne kitchen

It’s important to remember that a more sustainable kitchen doesn’t always mean more expensive. Instead a responsible kitchen takes more consideration, thought and care. No matter your budget, you can carry out your sustainable kitchen renovation—you just need the right tools and an experienced team to help get the job done.

Sourcing eco-friendly alternatives to common kitchen renovation materials is actually quite simple. Consider picking benchtops made from natural stone or paper composite recycled paper and resin, E1 formaldehyde standard timber, polished concrete, solid timber joinery, energy efficient appliances and non-porous titles with less joints to avoid mould growth.

It’s also important to enlist help from experts. For over 40 years Matrix Renovations has helped families across Melbourne renovate their kitchens. From start to finish, whether you want eco-friendly appliances or a completely green kitchen, our team can assist in making your sustainable kitchen aspirations a reality. 

Get in touch with Matrix Renovations for your kitchen renovation needs

Offering a range of services, including eco-friendly kitchen renovations, Matrix Renovations can help you completely transform your home. Get in touch with our renovation and design experts who can talk you through your goals and work with your family to create a sustainable kitchen that caters to your unique needs.