Kitchen Renovation Trends we’ll be Seeing in 2022

New year, new kitchen? If you’re finally following through with that big kitchen renovation you’ve been planning for ages, why not capitalise on what’s hot and trending this year in the culinary design world?

One month into 2022 and Matrix Renovations is ready to unpack the trends we’ll be seeing in this year’s kitchens. From sustainable additions to seamless storage solutions, there’s definitely a lot you can look to incorporate in your upcoming reno.


Smart tech in our homes has become more and more popular each year, and 2022 won’t prove to be any different. Appliance giants are updating and creating new features for their products to better align with the connected homes of the 21st century. This includes stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee machines and toasters.

Voice-controlled lighting will also become a must-have in the kitchen. If we can already tell Alexa or Google to play music, read out the weather and add items to our shopping cart, why not tell her to turn on and off the lights too? Offering ultimate convenience, with smart lighting you can turn off the lights if you forget to before leaving the house, without having to get up from the sofa, or even from bed.


With people spending more time in their homes and splurging on items they maybe normally wouldn’t be storing, like air fryers, cookbooks and bulk food items, people are looking for more storage space in the kitchen. Walk-in pantries can make a huge difference and with a range of design options they can suit any style. While you do require a little bit of space to fit one in, if you have it, a butler’s pantry is definitely something to consider.


Our homes are filled to the brim with plants—everyone is either propagating their avocado seeds, growing a veggie garden or has a serious problem with buying indoor plants. We’ll see more of this nature-inspired, bringing the outdoors in style, with the use of raw materials, jewel tones and neutral colour-schemes. Eco-friendly products will also become more popular with people opting for sustainable living.


The pandemic forced us all to quickly adapt to online learning and working from home, which meant the kitchen doubled as an office or study nook. Bringing the family together and being more than just a space to cook, a desk or island can help turn your kitchen into a multi-purpose space that adds value and functionality to your home.


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