Three Reasons to Consider Bathroom Renovation Services

For many homeowners, the cost of bathroom renovation services may appear to be prohibitive. If your bathroom is in need of a little TLC, the cost of a remodel may have you thinking that a little DIY will suffice. However, here are three reasons why you should consider a professional upgrade.



One of the primary reasons to consider bathroom renovation services is to increase the resale value of your home. Remodelling your bathroom can be one of the most profitable forms of home improvement, providing a fantastic return on investment. Most real estate professionals agree that the greatest chance of getting your money back on any home improvement project lies with remodelling a kitchen or bathroom. Significant remodelling could allow you to recoup as much as 130 percent of the project investment. However, in order to enjoy maximum resale value increase, you need to wow with your renovation. Buyers don’t want to see a finish they could achieve themselves with a paint can in a weekend. To create the most appeal, you need to have a wow factor, which requires a professional touch.


If you are planning on selling in the next year or two, you should know that buyers look for recent bathroom renovations. The bathroom is usually the most frequently used room in the house, and potential buyers tend to intensely scrutinise it. Any dodgy remodelling or DIY in the bathroom is likely to stand out and turn off any potential buyers. Prospective buyers are likely to check the water pressure, look for signs of damp or mould and inspect your lighting. However, a professional finish is likely to increase your chances of selling, since your buyer is likely to immediately picture themselves enjoying a relaxing soak.


Going green is not only great for the environment, but it can save you a fortune on your energy bills. You can incorporate green innovations into your new bathroom to help you to conserve water, such as low flow showerheads and high efficiency toilets. These will not only look great but should reduce your water bills and create a greener home. Professional bathroom renovation services should be able to advise you on the options best suited to the unique characteristics of your home.

Although the cost of a bathroom remodel has the potential to spiral out of control, with a professional service provider, you can have greater control of your budget. This allows you to improve the aesthetics of the space and create a more comfortable area in your home. Additionally, if your renovation is done correctly, you could find that you can recoup the cost in the increase of your resale value.

If you are considering a remodel and are in need of bathroom services, Melbourne homeowners should contact us. The Matrix Bathrooms team offers experienced and specialist bathroom renovation services, and we are here to answer any queries you may have.