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Four Easy Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Decadent

Your bathroom is the one house in the room where you can shut the door, and reasonably expect to not be disturbed. With such simple solitude, you want your space to be decadent and luxurious for ultimate relaxation. Use these four simple tips to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom designs, and get ready to turn the latch.


Add A Throne (Not Just The Throne)

If your bathroom has all the necessities, you’ll only want to hang around for the necessities. But, by adding seating of some sort- be it a simple wooden stool, a rotund ottoman, or an elegant armchair- you’re saying, ‘I want to spend time in this room’. Don’t balance precariously on the counter while you do your pedicure, recline in comfort and style with a beautiful chair- even if it does mostly serve as an accent piece.

Sophisticated Storage

If there’s toothbrushes and hair pins strewn across the benchtops, the bathroom is going to look more bedraggled than beautiful. Think simple yet classic; glasses, tins, dishes, and boxes will all instantly straighten out your space and add sophisticated style.

Love Your Linen

If you’ve finally found your ideal bathroom renovation ideas, and you’ve put everything in it’s place- don’t ruin a stunning bathroom with scratchy towel with dye stains all over it, or a worn and filthy bath mat. Find plush towels, cosy robes, and soft mats to go underfoot, and glide around your bathroom in luxury.

Make Your Lighting A Flash Of Brilliance

Use your lighting to add to the effect of your space- with simple accent lighting to draw attention to features, or provide a warm muted glow to the room. Depending on your aesthetic, your lighting choice will vary- but lighting will play a huge part in your bathroom’s overall appearance, so don’t try to get away with overlooking it.

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