Planning A Bathroom Renovation? Don’t Forget To Consider These Factors

Planning your dream bathroom can be exciting- finding all the perfect finishes, colour schemes, and layouts to perfectly create your ideal space. But a little forethought can go a long way. While our design expertise can handle any bathroom spaces and turn them into a sanctuary, these bathroom renovations design tips can guide you towards finding the bathroom you’ve been waiting for.



No matter how stunning the bathroom, there will have to be some thought put into the plumbing drains, water lines, and vent stacks. Usually, bathroom floor plans will use either one-, two- or three-wet-wall layouts. A one-wall layout is the most cost-effective, as it lines up the sink, toilet, and shower along one wall as in this bathroom. However, this can limit your floor plan options, so consider using your surfaces- such as the sink and toilet on one wall, and the bath tub and shower on the other. To be more flexible –although sometimes more expensive- the three-wall layout can give you stunning results. This is when it is crucial to find certified bathroom renovators, to avoid making costly mistakes that could haunt you.


By using a bathroom basin with your vanity counter, and undermount bathroom sinks, you can easily clean down your counter surface and quickly down the basin drain.. However, self-rimming basins are the most economical and the easiest to install, but the lip can collect grime without maintenance or correct preparation.


For anyone who’s tried to shave, apply make-up, or anything else similar in the bathroom, you’ll know that the most important lighting is for the mirror. With lighting evenly from all sides- such as side wall-mounted lighting and one above- you’ll have a clear view. For general bathroom lighting, use ceiling mounted fixtures, and add character with various types of shades or chandeliers. If you have an enclosed shower or bath tub, a vapour-proof down light will be the perfect solution, and the addition accent lights can draw attention to a certain feature, or to add a little mood.


Your stirage options can either be unobtrusive, and built away into the walls, or can create a style statement with beautiful cabinetry. Don’t leave your bathroom items in a mess- find the storage option that will suit your design. From contemporary, to vintage, to retro, or industrial, there are so many ways to convey character with your storage solutions.


Your bathroom floors will see a lot of long, hard days, and need to be impervious to water, and slip-resistant—while being attractive. While the most luxurious choices are often stone tiles and ceramic tiles, some highly polished stone surfaces can become slippery when wet. Choose a refined flooring finish, for better traction and less slip. Ceramic tiles rated “impervious” are the most waterproof and are ideal for bathroom design. There is a huge range of tiles designed for floors, which have been created to be resistant to water, stains, and wear, while being low maintenance. Look for tiles with a slip-resistant finish and seal all grout, to protect from any grime collecting


The power of colour cannot be underestimated- you can energise and revitalize, or calm and soothe. Consider the mood of the space you’re creating and find colours which evoke these emotions while complimenting your bathroom. Colours from the wall paint and fabric, down to the hues in the cabinetry wood and the stone or tiles all will act together, creating the perfect mood.

Quality bathroom renovations can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary in your own home, so always find trusted renovators to get everything right. Matrix Bathrooms trusted as Melbourne’s quality bathroom renovations specialists, renowned for providing Melbourne with flawless design and craftsmanship for over forty years.