How-To Guide For The Perfect Bath

There aren’t many things more relaxing than running a nice, hot bath tub, and having a long soak. Our human history is full of the use of water as hydro-therapy, probably reminiscent of the womb, and places such as Bath were even named for their warm springs- which were popular destinations for the Romans. The healing is equally physical and mental; tension is alleviated, muscles are soothed, and the mind gradually slows. We’ve put together our favourite ways to make bath time even more special- but, be warned; you may never want to get out.



The body responds best to a nice, warm bath. Use your wrist to test the water for how it’ll feel once you’re entirely submerged, as you’ll get a better ideal than if you use your hand. For a warm bath, ideal water temperature is 34 degrees celsius.


Choose scented bath oil; various scents can elicit various responses, so do a little research on what one may be best. Floral scents like lavender, jasmine, iris and rose are usually best for relaxation and can help to ease you into a relaxing state quicker, but there are oils with other properties, that can help in a variety of ways. Add only a couple of drops of oils to the tub when the bath is halfway full, for them to disperse evenly.


Harsh, bright lighting can wake up your body, which is the last thing you want in a bath. Light a few candles, or use dim lighting to relax your body and mind.


Put on playlist of relaxing music, to quiet your mind, and allow it to wander. This is a great time to daydream, but save the stressful thoughts about work for tomorrow



If you get in the tub and can’t quite sit still, something like a body scrub could be perfect to engage your mind as you smooth the skin from dead skin and toxins, and improve blood flow.


Tough workout? Bath salts act as external muscle relaxants, perfect for after a tough workout. If you’re suffering from pain or swelling, add bath salts to the bath to help reduce inflammation and stiffness, detoxify, and increase circulation.


While you’re soaking and relaxing, use the time to give yourself a face and hair treatment. The steam will open the skin and hair, so they’ll respond better . Use a clay mask to cleanse the face, avoiding the eyes, and leave for 7-10 minutes, before removing gently with wet washcloth. Soften and hydrate your hair with a coat of conditioner or hair mask to wet hair, then cover in plastic cap and hot towel. Let it sink in for 15-20 minutes, before washing and rinsing thoroughly, to remove excess residue.


In a warm bath tub, your core temperature raises and you’ll start sweating. Use cold water and washcloth to cool your forehead, or the nape of your neck. You also may want to make sure you’ve got a glass of water handy to keep you hydrated.



Don’t soothe and relax your body, only to use scratchy old towels. Prepare a soft towel or bathrobe, to ease the transition and keep you cosy and warm.


Take at least an hour or so to readjust and relax. Leave the smartphone or devices alone, get a glass of tea (or wine), and listen to music or find a good book.

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