Tips For A Summer Bathroom Remodel

Melbourne is thawing out, and the frosty winter is slowly being replaced by bright mornings and balmy afternoons. Here at Matrix, we’re looking forward to another season of flawless summer bathroom remodelling, with small bathrooms and master bathrooms both feeling a little worse for the wear after our chilly winter. Learn our best tips for summer bathroom remodels here, and get inspired for your new home oasis.


Now that the afternoons are stretching into lazy evenings and the mornings are fresh, make sure that you let all that delicious summer glow into your bathroom with a well-placed window. A dark and dingy bathroom can seem messier and less welcoming than a light and airy one, so if you don’t have any external walls you can place a window, look at adding some quality lighting fixtures to illuminate the space.


What’s the first thing you see when you open the door? Is it a toilet? If yes, then this would be a great opportunity to find somewhere else to place it. Even if your throne is gold-plated, there is still so many beautiful parts of your bathroom that you would like to walk in and lock eyes with – the toilet is not one.


You might be intent on putting your entire bathroom through the shredder and starting again, but some finishes and fittings deserve a second chance. Imagine if you gave them a good scrub, or tiled around them in a way that made them a funky accent? If your entire bathroom screams ‘bad 70s decor’, think critically about what you could incorporate into your new bathroom that might become a unique and admired feature. Many stunning bathrooms have allowed a feature of old tile to remain, or polished the fittings so they look fun and vintage..


Summer is here, and if you didn’t use that bath all winter, then odds are you won’t touch it for summer. Why not consider ripping it out, in place of a luxurious shower? Not only do you have the room to construct the shower of your dreams, but you get all this new space to add storage, vanities, a small chair – anything you can fit into that once underused space

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