Why Our Melbourne Bathroom Specialists Love Walk-In Showers

As our tastes for the elegant and the luxurious continue to soar, so does our accessibility to stunning bathroom renovations and design. While every bathroom is different, and all styles are unique, the interest in walk-in showers is a simple finishing touch which our customers always love.

The openness throughout the room adds spaciousness, as you can simply stroll throughout your bathroom without any sliding doors becoming jammed, or old damp shower curtains clinging to your legs. An added bonus of a walk-in shower is that it also makes it exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, as there are no awkward frames to scrub the grime from, and no seals to replace when the door doesn’t stay closed.

These showers are usually customised to your bathroom, as they need to take into account your floor plan, water flow, and privacy. Corners are perfect to add privacy with accessibility, and a drainage can be designed on a sloped surface floor to ensure that the water doesn’t end up throughout the home. Depending on the customer’s lifestyle, it can be best to find a corner that is not in direct line of vision as you walk in the door, so this must all be considered as your tailor your walk-in shower to your home.

As lighting and ventilation are dispersed throughout the room, there is no real need to ensure that your shower has these specifically in place. However, the placement of your showerhead should be considered – after all, a doorless shower with a shower head facing outwards can mean instant puddles throughout the bathroom. When you’re renovating a bathroom with a walk-in shower, consider the spray radius of the fittings you’re looking at, often an overhead stream of water can keep water from going far.

Within your shower, consider your shelving and niches. You may wish to add small niches for soaps and shampoos, which can be tailored to meet the height of the primary users, which also adds personality to the shower, and can reduce the need for hanging racks placed around the shower head neck.

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