How to Select Quality Bathroom Fittings in Melbourne

Be warned; not all bathroom fittings are created equal.


While bathroom fittings may be one of the final jobs on your list, don’t underestimate how important your fittings will be in your overall result. Bathrooms are a very busy part of the home – especially if you have teenagers – and your bathroom fittings will need to be suited to your needs and budget. While there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in bathroom fittings, there are some points to consider

Your bathroom will form an overall impression, so visualise this and ensure everything complements this mood. Tile colour and size, colour palette, atmosphere, space, plumbing, safety and family-friendliness are all various points to consider.

Poor quality fittings and accessories will deteriorate quickly, and will often leave you more out of pocket as you have to fork out for replacements or repairs. Quality fittings can do quite the opposite. Like a well-made pair of jeans, with a simple stiletto and silk button-down shirt, quality speaks through simplicity. A minimalist-industrial feel bathroom can instantly feel luxurious and relaxing with the addition of high-quality fittings. Use fittings to accentuate your space as well as providing reliable functionality, and you’ll never regret it.

When you’re selecting your bathroom fittings and accessories, think beyond taps and spouting. Your fittings, from your shower head, rails, and soap dishes, to electrical fittings and drainage, will all need to form a cohesive impression of your space. Consider how various materials and accessories might work together, and ensure that you’re only choosing fittings of high quality and an extended life expectancy.