New Bathroom Renovation Design Ideas for 2021

New Year New You? And a New Bathroom? Take inspiration from our picks of the latest bathroom design trends for 2017 and give your bathroom an update; making it a space you will enjoy spending time in.


Bathrooms aren’t longer a just a “wash and go”. Bathrooms are being more and more used as a space for de-stressing and unwinding. Designing the bathroom as a remedy to busy lifestyles is a trend that has been emerging for some time now and making it an extension of your personality has never been easier.


Bathrooms this year will be less cluttered with more concealed and clever storage solutions. Benches will be less styled and allow for more of a mindful space. At Matrix Bathrooms we always offer the option of custom made vanity units, which allows you to create the perfect space for you.


We are excited to see that less conventional tile laying styles are emerging, bringing some character to the design of the bathroom. The arrangement of tiles affects the visual shape and size of the bathroom, and the trends holding ground are herringbone and diamond shapes and as well the newly emerged trend of randomized, straight-laid grids and vertical formats.

One favourite tile that we recently used in a kitchen renovation is the Tex-tile from Urban Edge Ceramics in Richmond. Instead of traditional tiles, where you get a batch of exactly the same tile, the Tex-tile by Mutina + Raw Edges has randomized tiles with subtle colour and texture variations which looks absolutely stunning in any bathroom or kitchen.


Timber and natural materials like stone are continuing on from 2016, they remain a great stylish choice for a timeless bathroom with a contemporary design for the luxurious feel it creates in a bathroom.

Timber-looking tiles are also a growing trend for bringing character and an organic feel to the bathrooms, especially the new timber looking floor tiles are looking phenomenal and will become a classic we believe.


Matte, nude and neutral colours continue to be on trend, not surprisingly as neutral colours are classic, yet contemporary and you can’t go wrong with a beautiful neutral palette.

Black, white and grey remains a great choice as they are timeless and you are less likely to get tired of them. But what is great to see is that there are a lot of different tone variations being introduced this year; explore different tones of charcoal, greige and granite; or try a favourite of ours – charcoal and concrete hues with crisp whites, works in any space to create a calm relaxing ambience.

Designing the bathroom to reflect tranquility and your personality, while choosing the right materials and fixtures with practicality and longevity–can seem daunting; but with the right guidance you can choose anything you like, rather than staying with the classic and safe options. Matrix Bathrooms are more than happy to help with any questions you may have regarding design or renovation enquiry in general. Always give us a call 0412 046 156 or ask for a free non-obligation quote at