4 tips for renovating your kitchen | Matrix Renovations

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Ready to renovate your kitchen? This is a truly exciting time. You can accentuate the look and feel of your home, or go out on a limb with something fresh and unique. However, while you may have plenty of options, it’s important to plan ahead so you get the best results. Check out this latest […]

Designing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen for your Melbourne Home Renovation

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‘Going green’ is no longer a trend or buzzword, it’s quickly becoming a lifestyle and homeowners across Melbourne are finding ways to create a cleaner environment by making sustainable choices when it comes to renovating their kitchens. If you’re planning a Melbourne kitchen renovation, you might like to consider what eco-friendly solutions you can choose to […]

Kitchen Renovation Trends we’ll be Seeing in 2022

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New year, new kitchen? If you’re finally following through with that big kitchen renovation you’ve been planning for ages, why not capitalise on what’s hot and trending this year in the culinary design world? One month into 2022 and Matrix Renovations is ready to unpack the trends we’ll be seeing in this year’s kitchens. From […]

5 Renovation Ideas to Spice up your Bathroom

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Is your bathroom in need of a makeover? If you’re in the mood to renovate, there’s so much you can do to turn your old bathroom into a beautiful and relaxing space. In this article, we’ll walk you through Matrix Renovations top tips for spicing up your old bathroom—from space-saving hacks to ultra-luxe additions. INVEST […]

Four Easy Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Decadent

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FOUR EASY WAYS TO MAKE YOUR BATHROOM LOOK MORE DECADENT Your bathroom is the one house in the room where you can shut the door, and reasonably expect to not be disturbed. With such simple solitude, you want your space to be decadent and luxurious for ultimate relaxation. Use these four simple tips to add […]

Planning A Bathroom Renovation? Don’t Forget To Consider These Factors

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Planning your dream bathroom can be exciting- finding all the perfect finishes, colour schemes, and layouts to perfectly create your ideal space. But a little forethought can go a long way. While our design expertise can handle any bathroom spaces and turn them into a sanctuary, these bathroom renovations design tips can guide you towards […]

How to Select Quality Bathroom Fittings in Melbourne

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Be warned; not all bathroom fittings are created equal.   While bathroom fittings may be one of the final jobs on your list, don’t underestimate how important your fittings will be in your overall result. Bathrooms are a very busy part of the home – especially if you have teenagers – and your bathroom fittings will need […]

Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Shower Tiles

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Selecting your bathroom tile can make a huge difference to your shower design, so a little planning and inspiration from our bathroom tile design ideas could go a long way! Here are our unbeatable tips on how to find the perfect tiles for your shower. KEEPING IT CLEAN: It’s simple – smaller tiles will equate […]

Why Our Melbourne Bathroom Specialists Love Walk-In Showers

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As our tastes for the elegant and the luxurious continue to soar, so does our accessibility to stunning bathroom renovations and design. While every bathroom is different, and all styles are unique, the interest in walk-in showers is a simple finishing touch which our customers always love. The openness throughout the room adds spaciousness, as […]

How-To Guide For The Perfect Bath

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There aren’t many things more relaxing than running a nice, hot bath tub, and having a long soak. Our human history is full of the use of water as hydro-therapy, probably reminiscent of the womb, and places such as Bath were even named for their warm springs- which were popular destinations for the Romans. The […]